Obsidian Kingdom- Mantiis


Through the wonders of social networking, I recently came across progressive rock band, Obsidian Kingdom; an independent music project founded in Barcelona seven years ago. They first released their debut album ‘Matter’ in 2007, and November 2012 saw the release of their incredible third album ‘Mantiis.’

It’s hard to place Obsidian Kingdom under any particular genre, but they are certainly a definition for experimental rock. Despite a deceiving track listing, ‘Mantiis’ is in fact one whole song split into fourteen, 3-4 minute bite-size sections. From beginning to end we are taken on a fantastic journey, where each section is distinctively different from the next, yet still obviously part of the same story.

Melancholy, emotion and energy – this album is a mix-pot of different genres and styles. A wide range of instruments and playing techniques ensure that our focus is never in one place for too long. Take ‘Last of Light’ for example; this segment starts off with throat wrenching vocals and ear crushing metal guitar… but then casually drifts down into a slow, atmospheric sound-scape led by a gentle guitar solo and followed by a beautiful- slightly psychedelic- saxophone piece. Enough to leave you transfixed. My other highlights from the album are; ‘Answer’s Revealing’ and ‘Genteel to Mention.’

Undoubtedly Obsidian Kingdom have formed their own unique style, however their influences include; Akira Yamaoka, Cult of Luna and the faint experimental echoes of Ulver and Pink Floyd- and what a remarkable combination they have proved to be! The band are all-for the D.I.Y ethos, and have generously provided the link for a free, full album download via their bandcamp page. I thoroughly recommend you give it a click!




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